Virtual or Online Bookkeeping for Canadian Businesses

Friendly, personal, expert service, all delivered on time, and online! Utilizing cloud storage, video conferencing, emails and good, old-fashioned phone calls, our expert team can provide top-notch assistance with your books, no matter where you are in Canada.

Technology and enhanced online security means that we are able to provide online bookkeeping services in a timely, personal manner. Our team has the education, training, and experience to take care of our clients with customized service, and are led by a designated Chartered Professional Accountant, who signs off on your online bookkeeping each month, so you can be assured of a surprise-free tax-season.

Our staff are experienced bookkeeping professionals and we promise that your privacy is of the utmost importance, with all of your information being held in the strictest of confidence. Plus, you can rest easy, knowing we use multiple backup servers, and hold errors and omissions and full general liability insurance to ensure our customers are further protected.

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“Even though DBS is in the same city as our business, I just love that I can submit all my paperwork online and through my phone app, because it saves me so much time, and means that any of our partners can access all our files as well. We really appreciate that there is a full team of experienced bookkeepers, because it means multiple experts know our account, and there is never any delay with filing etc, like there was when we worked with self-employed bookkeepers in the past. No matter where you are in Canada, the service will be the same: quick, responsive, friendly and always in the best interest of your business. We refer our own clients and friends to DBS all the time, and they have all been equally happy!” Gillian Rees, Owner, REES + STAGER INC.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services


    Even if numbers ‘aren’t your thing,’ as a small business owner you need to know what is happening with your accounts! We’ll help you understand and manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal entries, account reconciliations, invoicing and year end preparation. Performed weekly, monthly or quarterly based on your requirements.


    Whether you are a sole proprietor, a general partnership or incorporated, we will help you with income tax preparation for your own taxes and for your business.


    We help our small business clients with cheque preparation and direct deposit, source deductions, calculations and remittances, records of employment, T4 and T5 slips. Looking to hire your first employee? We will help you with the set up, best practices, etc.


    There are a lot of expenses to consider when you run a small business. Looking for new office space, needing to hire? We can help you with forecasting, budget planning, write-offs and other financial tracking so you know what to plan for as your business grows.


    Bookkeeping is synonymous with complex rules. We’ve seen it all and can respond to issues with poise & confidence.


    For your business to thrive, you need to remain focused on what you do best. Let us take care of the time-consuming red tape.


    We track & notify you of important milestones so that you don’t have to worry about them.


    We look at your business from a different viewpoint, helping you find missed opportunities & preemptively making adjustments to keep your business growing smoothly.

How does online or virtual bookkeeping work in Canada?


You send us your paperwork
Send your files conveniently by using the Receipt Bank app (included in your monthly fees) email, or upload them to our encrypted cloud storage. Don’t worry, we show you how easy all of this is, and send helpful reminders each month.


We do your bookkeeping remotely
Your bookkeeping is prepared either weekly, monthly or quarterly, and we email or call with any questions, clarifications or to collect missing documents. We ensure that all of your accounts balance and are up to date, and then let you know when the work is complete.


Taxes and/or payroll are tallied and submitted
We take care of calculating and submitting your small business taxes and running your payroll, you take care of the payments! No surprises and no mistakes! We make sure you never miss a deadline and that everything is correct, so you don’t need to stress.


Review and report
We make sure you understand you monthly reports and answer any questions when they come up. We love when clients include us in their future planning, so we can help them make wise decisions around cashflow, investments and big purchases.


Get on with running your business
You have better things to do with your time then bookkeeping! Spend time on the rest of your to-do list!

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